Why Us

Ovex CRM provides top of the line management services. Our CRM software supports sales lead, customer queries, helpdesk delivers actionable insights, integrates with your live chat support and Facebook page and facilitates team communication. Our cloud-based CRM systems offer complete mobility and access to an array of tailored applications.



Ovex CRM is a B2B Customer Relationship Management software that helps you to manage your company’s business processes. With Ovex CRM you can define roles, assign tasks and set up workflows. You can easily track the communication history of each customer in one place so that you can track their progress throughout the whole process of selling their product or service. In this way it will be easy for you to make sure that every customer gets what he/she expected from your company.

Business Process Integration with Ovex CRM

By: Saad Kaiser

Ovex CRM is a simple, affordable tool that can help your company grow. It automates the sales processes and integrates all your marketing tools into one easy-to-use interface. But it’s more than just a software package: Ovex CRM System gives you the data needed to make informed decisions about how best to reach your customers and prospects so that you can achieve success as an entrepreneur or business owner!

Four Reasons Why Ovex CRM is Your Most Valuable Asset

By: Saad Kaiser

Case Studies

Paktel was one of the pioneers of the Telecommunications’ Industry in Pakistan. Inbound Call volumes were in excess of 30,000 calls per day managed from different Paktel facilities. The operations specifically related to inbound customer care and ticket resolution.


A public utility company of Pakistan managed its helpline in house, through agents answering call in each of the zones, for the whole of north of Pakistan. There was no visibility of complaints, its resolution, especially critical complaints, which were leading to loss of life and property. 

Public Utility Support Center