Ovex Case Studies

Public Utility Support Center Case Study

Assignment Description:

A public utility company of Pakistan managed its helpline in house, through agents answering call in each of the zones, for the whole of north of Pakistan. There was no visibility of complaints, its resolution, especially critical complaints, which were leading to loss of life and property.  Ovex was able to convince the management to considering outsourcing helpline function to provide a more responsive customer service.

Objectives of Outsourcing:

Outsource contact center operations to a service provider with extensive contact center experience who would help centralize and streamline the customer service effort (i.e. enhance service delivery) and help increase transparency via comprehensive reporting which in turn would ensure accountability for all of its regional offices.


Ovex participated in the public bidding process and were able to secure the contract for contact center outsourcing. This was first of its kind of outsourcing for this sector considering the criticality of complaints and potential for loss to both company and the user’s property.

Ovex was the only third-party organization in the country, at the point in time, with the experience of managing a helpline of a public sector entity. Ovex set up multiple channels in the call center queue to address the complaints based on the criticality of the complaint. Ovex further worked with the client to identify a senior level Point of Contact, who was empowered to take action on the company’s side based on the criticality of the complaints.

Once complaints mechanism was streamlined, Ovex added other functionalities to the helpline which included billing queries and complaint management related escalations, follow ups, and surveys. Follow ups and surveys were handled through outbound call center team.

Ovex experienced contact center management team (i.e. Quality Control & Training Executives, Team Leads, Supervisors, and Managers) were able to made visible difference within first 4 months of operations and it was rewarded by amazing feedback from the service consumers.

Value Added:

Over the course of the last twelve years Ovex has managed centralized customer service team of 35 agents, from its Lahore facility and successfully transformed the customer experience in the public sector.  The result has been overwhelming leading to enhanced service delivery through increased transparency which has resulted in greater accountability for all of its regional offices.

Technologies Used:

The VICIDIAL Application, along with a custom in-house developed Web-Portal, was used for the outbound contact center operations whereas the Cisco UCCX Application, along with an Oracle-based application, is being used for the inbound contact center operations.